About Us

ArtSale.info — an online auction of paintings and an analytical resource on the art market.

Specialization — sixties (nonconformists, post-war unofficial art), classical Russian art, contemporary art. Painting, graphics, sculpture.

Pre-auction displays are held in an office in Moscow, the Leninsky Prospekt metro. Auction sales are held on the ArtSale.info online site every week. Start on Wednesdays, end on Tuesdays. The commission charged to buyers is 15%. There are no additional fees from sellers.


Founders of ArtSale.info:

  • Konstantin Babulin — CEO of ArtSale.info. Expert in the Russian art market. From 2008 to November 2019, he was the General Director of the portal ARTinvestment.RU and AI Auction (launched in 2013)
  • Alexander Sinev — Development Director. From 2008 to November 2019, he was the Director of the portal ARTinvestment.RU. From 2013 to November 2019, he was the developer of the Auction AI and mailing system
  • Vladimir Bogdanov — Deputy General Director. From 2008 to November 2019 — Chief Editor of the portal ARTinvestment.RU. Author of annual reports on the Russian art market, developer of a series of workshops on investment in art