Comments on the selected auction lots No. 49 (November 25 — December 1, 2020)

1996 — the golden period of the famous duo Vinogradov-Dubosarsky, when they split the community of connoisseurs. Some considered them deliberately kitsch artists, almost opportunists to please the tastes of merchants. And they were definitely considered art hooligans. Knowledgeable people, on the contrary, noted the thoughtful conceptual irony of Vinogradov and Dubosarsky and predicted the role of the duo as spokesmen for the spirit of all the 1990s. Now, at a distance, it is clear that they were right.

Comments on the selected auction lots No. 48 (November 18–24, 2020)

Works by the 1960s artist Boris Sveshnikov regularly participate in our auctions, but still recall the biography. At the age of 19, he was sent to a prison camp due to slander, for anti-Soviet activities. The “goner” dying of exhaustion was saved by the paramedic Arkady Akimovich Steinberg — the artist of the “Silver Age” and the father of Eduard Steinberg. Perhaps it was precisely that camp horror that gave rise to that very unique imagery in Sveshnikov's work — with monsters, graves, infernal figures. What is called “Kafkaesque romance”.

Ideas for an investment collection. Budget: RUB 500,000. 1960s Nonconformist Art

The tips and list of names in this article are addressed to novice collectors and investors who are at a crossroads. But not to immediately rush to buy on the list — no. This is information for reflection, a set of ideas, a range of possibilities, a private view of the auction specialists. The meaning of the recommendations listed below is to protect novice collectors and investors from completely spontaneous haphazard purchases, and obviously illiquid things. So that later, when you have already decided on your own direction of collecting, the excess could be sold.

Comments on the selected auction lots No. 47 (November 11–17, 2020)

What do we remember about Krasnopevtsev? This is a special artist — an artist outside the era. According to his quiet philosophical still lifes, no historian can determine that outside is the USSR, the time of “developed socialism”, all around are propaganda slogans and hypocritical films calling for the fight. And you will never think that the author of these inspired paintings works in the Soviet “Reklamfilm”, while he himself dreams of France, is friends with Svyatoslav Richter and George Kostaki and creates works that collectors will hunt for in 50 years.

Comments on the selected auction lots No. 46 (November 4–10, 2020)

One of the favorite subjects of the Freudian, the ideologist of psychophysiology in painting, is nude in space. And, of course, the signature technique of the “Russian Morandi” is the immersion of a character or object in an atmosphere cleansed of everything superfluous. This watercolor has it all. The secret of whiteness. “Invisible” colors. Cold silence. And even the model's face in his system should not distract from immersion in this infinity. Weisberg is a phenomenally subtle colorist who works painstakingly and precisely.

Comments on the selected auction lots No. 45 (October 28 — November 3, 2020)

What unites Belenok's “panic realism” and Gintovt's “pre-dawn”? Of course, that very heavy oppressive atmosphere, the nature of which was scary to formulate. A premonition of a universal catastrophe. And a very valuable accurate hit in its own time. And it is no coincidence that this premonition of the apocalypse, the atmosphere of an impending catastrophe, is becoming one of the core themes in art these days.

Investing in underestimated artists, or Where to make money in times of crisis

What underestimated artists are worth investing in right now, at a time of intensifying crisis? The works of which authors are cheap today, and in a few years will greatly increase in price? New visitors to the auction and viewers of our YouTube channel regularly ask for specifics. So that without “water”, without lengthy reasoning, but list by name.

And the specifics will be presented further. But not at once.

Comments on the selected auction lots No. 44 (October 21–27, 2020)

We recently had a rubric “Artists and Music” (with Sitnikov and Shostakovich, as well as with Yankilevsky and Rabinovich-Barakovsky). And today it is time to introduce the heading “Sculptors and Poets”. The case is unique. The auction features two sculptures dedicated to the main poets of the Silver Age — Anna Akhmatova and Sergei Yesenin. And not just sculptures, but author's 30-centimeter castings for full-size monuments already installed in Moscow.

But let's not delay. Proceed.