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Art Market 2022. Intermediate results of the fall

Once again, we talk about the art market and prices. About how they respond to the changes taking place in the country. About how the once very conservative art market has learned to be responsive and instantly adapt to the rapidly changing business conditions. About the fact that, despite all the external obstacles, the demand and supply in the top segment not only remain, but show considerable growth.

Talochkin’s Collection — 2022 / Learning to collect art

Leonid Talochkin was a collector, chronicler and legend of the underground art, whose name was associated with the very rooting of the term “the other art”. He was among the organizers of the eponymous exhibition at the Tretyakov Gallery in 1990, and before that he was among the organizers of the famous “Beekeeping” and “House of Culture” exhibitions at VDNKh (1975) and dozens of others. Talochkin is often called the archivist of “the second avant-garde”. An enthusiast in love with free art, he had a talent for being in the right place at the right time.

A Footprint in the Sand. The mystery of Boris Sveshnikov's painting

The original title of this amazingly complex painting was among the mysteries deliberately left by the author. Boris Sveshnikov often wrote the title and date on the back. But not this time. As a result, the painting changed its title several times over the 60 years. Someone saw in it a park at dusk, someone a path in the evening woods, someone a trail in the sand. The clue, meanwhile, was in the most prominent place. But in order to see the plot, a drop of magic was needed: the attentive viewer had to be helped at just the right moment by the light that fell correctly.

Seahorse shoes. Examining the drawing by Dmitry Plavinsky

The auction received the work “Seahorse” by non-conformist Dmitry Plavinsky. For the author of “Manhattan Fish”, “Stingray” and “Moscow Turtle” the theme is common. The outlines of a seahorse were shown schematically, but none of the collectors were alerted to the plot. Only a week after the auction, a comment on Facebook completely reversed the interpretation of the work, adding a dialogue with Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Details — in the new video from the series “Examining Artworks”.

The case of the missing painting. Examining the painting “Morning” by Igor Vulokh

This work was painted 57 years ago by the sixties artist Igor Vulokh. It has been exhibited many times and published in catalogs. It was last seen in 2008. And recently it was confirmed that the painting no longer exists. That's what happens sometimes. But in this story, all ends well. And what really happened — we tell you in another video from the series “Examining Artworks”.

“Examining Artworks” on our YouTube Channel

How do we check artworks before we put them up for auction? How do we interact with experts? How does the study of provenance (history of ownership) take place? Sometimes along the way we meet some unexpected and pleasant discoveries. Watch the reconstructions of such real-life events in the new rubric “Examining Artworks” on the YouTube channel of

$ 69,346,250 for the Beeple art token

Since March 11, 2021, from the third step of the pedestal of the most expensive living artists, we see not the mastodon Gerhard Richter, but a young guy of forty with the face of Garik “Bulldog” Kharlamov. His name is Mike Winkelmann. The son of an electrician and a social worker from a small town in Wisconsin. Formerly an IT guy and web designer. And now the famous artist Beeple.