We are launching two new series of programs for investors and collectors on the YouTube channel ArtSale Auction:

  1. Ideas for an investment collection
    In these videos, we will give concrete examples of reliable investment collections tailored to a specific budget. The programs are addressed to novice investors in art. The most important thing here is that the authors of the works offered are first-tier artists, with names that are in demand in the market and are actively sold at auctions. This means that the liquidity of such products is ensured and the money invested will definitely not be lost. The first broadcast of the cycle is about a very small collection of only four items, the total cost of which fits into the budget of 300,000 rubles (very modest for the art market).
  2. Artists for an investment collection
    This is a series of video materials about artists and works that meet the necessary conditions for reliable and profitable investments: the artist belongs to the first names, has his own unique style, recognizable, interesting and high-quality works, demand in the market, stable sales. The programs are addressed to both novice investors and collectors, as well as experienced collectors and connoisseurs of art. The first program of the cycle is about the wonderful and unique artist Boris Sveshnikov, whose works are widely represented on the art market and, thanks to today's crisis prices, have great investment potential.

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