“Examining the Artworks” on our YouTube Channel

How do we check artworks before we put them up for auction? How do we interact with experts? How does the study of provenance (history of ownership) take place? Sometimes along the way we meet some unexpected and pleasant discoveries. Watch the reconstructions of such real-life events in the new rubric “Examining the Artworks” on the YouTube channel of ArtSale.info.

Which paintings rose in price the most in 2021?

The fact that prices have risen noticeably over the past year is a common feeling among collectors. Some whistle in surprise: “Wow!” And someone grumbles: “You've made everything expensive”.

Let us not rush to generalizations. Although, as we know, there is no smoke without fire.

Ideas and artists for investment collections on the YouTube channel ArtSale Auction

We are launching two new series of programs for investors and collectors on the YouTube channel ArtSale Auction: “Ideas for an investment collection” and “Artists for an investment collection”

Investing in underestimated artists, or Where to make money in times of crisis

What underestimated artists are worth investing in right now, at a time of intensifying crisis? The works of which authors are cheap today, and in a few years will greatly increase in price? New visitors to the ArtSale.info auction and viewers of our YouTube channel regularly ask for specifics. So that without “water”, without lengthy reasoning, but list by name.

And the specifics will be presented further. But not at once.

Learn to collect art on ArtSale Auction youtube channel

ArtSale.info has published the first editions of the video course “Learning to Collect Art”. In order to assemble the first collection of quality paintings and drawings, it is not all necessary to operate with fabulous money. In fact, a small collection can be built for 100,000 rubles. And with a budget of 300,000–500,000 rubles, you can already collect a collection of investment-grade works. However, it's not just about the money, of course.

How to choose paintings for investment. Why is the period and theme so important?

There are basic criteria for investment security — authenticity and name. But why, then, when choosing a picture, experienced buyers ask the year and pay close attention to the plot? What difference does it make to them?

And there is a difference. Yes, and what!

Let's look at some examples.

Learn to invest in art objects on ArtSale Auction youtube channel

ArtSale.info has published the first editions of the course “Learning to Invest in Art Objects”. Tips are addressed to novice collectors and first-time investors. Is it a good time to buy now? Which artists should you invest in? Where is the best place to buy? The answers to these and other questions are in the new video headings “Learning to Invest in Art Objects” on ArtSale Auction channel.

10 mistakes when buying paintings with investment plans

If you are thinking about paintings, you are already lost. Collecting and investing in art purchases is an incredibly interesting world. Addictive. This is not just a bet to win, but a continuous intellectual quiz. But the art market is very different from the real estate or securities markets. I have never heard of fake apartments or promotions that have one or two buyers. But with pictures it happens in different ways.

What does “Verbal Expert Confirmation” mean in an auction?

Online bidders must have noticed that in the description of some lots there is the phrase “Verbal confirmation of such-and-such expert” or “Verbal confirmation of the artist's widow”. In what cases and why is it written?

I explain.

Verbal confirmation means that the authenticity of the work has been verified, but an official expert opinion (paper with signature and seal) has not been issued at the time of sale. And it is recommended to do this to the buyer immediately after purchase.

When will prices for Russian art rise?

— When will prices start to rise again in our painting market? — Is it good to sell paintings for today's money or is it better to keep it? — And how much time do you advise to wait? Any meaningful price forecast is an infernal regression model. Multifactorial and merciless. Nevertheless, some ideas, forecasts, expectations can be formulated at the level of practical experience of sales and own observations. Let's try in the question-answer mode.