Announcement of the auction No. 25. Sveshnikov, Zverev, Yakovlev, Tal, Birstein, Zubarev, Kazarin and others. June 10–16, 2020

Nonconformist Boris Sveshnikov called his masterpiece “Crossing the May River”. May — with a capital letter. We did not find such a geographical name. There is the Far Eastern Maya, a tributary of Aldan. But Sveshnikov, obviously, had in mind something else. Something mythological or metaphorical. In the background we see a bridge over a gorge that two people cross. And probably a family of three is looking at us from the foreground. What kind of transition? What is the bridge? Bridge over fate? The border of two worlds? Or just the end of a difficult spring? In the mythology of different countries, the bridge over the river symbolizes the border between heaven and earth. The world of people and the world of the divine.