Announcement of the auction No. 33. Malyavin, Sudeikin, Zverev, Leporskaya, Sinezubov, Ugarov, Bukh, Vasiliev and others. August 5–11, 2020

Myalavin is undoubtedly one of the first names in Russian art. He was a member of the “World of Art” and the “Union of Russian Artists” associations. A man of amazing and characteristic fate. Fame in Russia came to him after recognition abroad. Academicians of the Imperial Academy criticized his masterpiece “Laughter”. But at the world exhibition in Paris, it was given a gold medal. Besides, “Italians who understand nothing in art” bought a painting for their museum of modern art. There is no prophet in his own country. And at home, meanwhile, they continued to teach the artist content. Educate. And they were brought up to such an extent that Malyavin stopped showing his works. He was honored with a personal exhibition in Russia after the revolution. Ironically, it was not the imperial academicians who organized it, but the Bolsheviks.At first, the artist met the arrival of the new government with enthusiasm, and even created a series of portraits of Lenin. But he quickly became disillusioned and in 1922 left his homeland by cunning. The artist died in France, in Nice in 1940.

Announcement of the auction No. 28. Nemukhin, Sveshnikov, Vasnetsov, Malyavin, Levikova, Potapova, Rudakov, Sukhinin and others. July 1–7, 2020

NEMUKHIN Vladimir Nikolaevich (1925–2016) Dedication to Bulat Okudzhava. 1997. Wood tinted, metal. Underneath the pedestal are the author's signature, name and date: НВ Dedicated to B. Okudzhava. Vl. Nemukhin. 1997. A version of the sculpture from this series is reproduced on page 313 of the monograph “Vladimir NEMUKHIN. Painting. Graphic arts. Sculpture. Porcelain” (Moscow, 2012. BONFI). About Okudzhava. The father, the party organizer of Uralvagonzavod, was shot in 1937 on charges of attempting to assassinate his friend Sergo Ordzhonikidze. Mother was sent to camps in 1938. In 1942, as he turned 18, he volunteered for the front. They did not take him for a long time, and he begged the military commissar to send him. Mortar. He was wounded near Mozdok. Commissioned. After the war, he studied at the faculty of philology, worked as a teacher. In the 1960s, he began performing in the bard song genre.