Announcement of the auction No. 46. Weisberg, Grositsky, Pivovarov, Sooster, Zverev, Goncharova, Lapchine and others. November 4–10, 2020

One of the favorite subjects of the Freudian, the ideologist of psychophysiology in painting, is nude in space. And, of course, the signature technique of the “Russian Morandi” is the immersion of a character or object in an atmosphere cleansed of everything superfluous. This watercolor has it all. The secret of whiteness. “Invisible” colors. Cold silence. And even the model's face in his system should not distract from immersion in this infinity. Weisberg is a phenomenally subtle colorist who works painstakingly and precisely.

Announcement of the auction No. 39. Lapchine, Sitnikov, Yankilevsky, Léger, Krachkovsky, Britov and others. September 16–22, 2020

Today it is funny to remember that the word “impressionism” was originally born as an element of sarcasm, derogatory criticism, verbal neglect. The journalist Leroy in his feuilleton called the artists of the Salon des Refusés “impressed”, hinting at their superficiality, lack of elaboration of details, carelessness and lack of ideas. But years passed and Impressionism became a cultural brand in France, recognized as the most valuable direction in art. “Careless” Monet, Renoir and Manet entered the top of the most expensive artists in the world. Well, the critic Louis Leroy is remembered for the fact that he gave the world the word “impressionism”.