Announcement of the auction No. 31. Rabin, Zverev, Nemukhin, Dynnikov, Katran and others. July 22–28, 2020

“I don’t want to scold — I’m just sorry for this person. He is just pathetic, unhappy pathetic. He got into a very unattractive story, and only because he turned out to be too grateful material for speculators visiting from abroad on the part of human souls... A vague, frightened, neurasthenic world appears in the artist's canvases. Sloping houses, crooked windows, herring heads, scrubbed walls of barracks — all this would look like an ordinary bias of the layman, if it were not mixed with pseudo-significant symbolism of nonsense”... And further in the same spirit. So the newspaper “Soviet Culture” wrote. Article “Expensive price of lentil soup”. June 14, 1966.