Announcement of the auction No. 106. Nemukhin, Vechtomov, Belenok, Orlov, Rabin, Markovnikov and others. January 26 — February 1, 2022

Nemukhin's original super-elephants exist in many designs. There are even exotic pink elephants. I suppose that initially the construction of Suprematist symbols should have been called “SUPRE-elephant”. But in our latitudes, the elephant became Russified and turned into “super”. This program plot without cards was much beloved by collectors. Everyone wanted one of these.

Announcement of the auction No. 75. Rabin, Nemukhin, Tatlin, Burliuk, Belenok, Larionov, Voloshin and others. June 9–15, 2021

Several major nonconformist artists have interpretations of the plot with a cat seizing a bird. Yakovlev has a cat with a bird in its teeth. Nemukhin has a cat with a card. Zverev has a similar subject. And here we have “Cat that ate a bird” by the main member of the Lianozovo group and the organizer of the Bulldozer exhibition, Oscar Rabin.

Announcement of the auction No. 66. Shulzhenko, Zverev, Bielutin, Rabin, Yakovlev, Yakunchikova, Burliuk, Gintovt and others. April 7–13, 2021

Shulzhenko's paintings have a phenomenal effect in practice — they completely capture the attention of any viewer, even those who are not his fans. A visitor can enter a room where ten masterpieces are hanging, but in a minute the main argument will be about Shulzhenko's work. And so it is this time. In front of us is “Three Napoleons”. A picture-parable. Three ages of a man. Three stages of destiny of the tyrant.

Announcement of the auction No. 57. Yakovlev, Zverev, Purygin, Rabin, Steinberg, Nesterova, Burliuk and others. February 3–9, 2021

The history of this gouache can be traced back to 1969, when it was acquired by the American collector Arthur Odum. In the U.S., this piece participated in the exhibition «Russian Painting of the 1960s, «was published in a catalog in 1990. “The work under study belongs to a rare cycle of Yakovlev's works painted in pointillé. Such pieces from the late 1960s, executed at such a high level, are a great rarity... This is certainly a creative success of Vladimir Yakovlev... It is a monument to Moscow's unofficial art...” These are quotations from Valery Silaev's expertise.

Announcement of the auction No. 56. Krasnopevtsev, Nemukhin, Shulzhenko, Provotorov, Burliuk, Mikhnov-Voitenko, Rabin and others. January 27 — February 2, 2021

Before us is Krasnopevtsev. Fabulous beauty. Rare in plot, infrequent in color, large and expensive. The authenticity has already been confirmed by the main expert in Dmitry Krasnopevtsev’s art, Alexander Ushakov. He also told us the exact name of this work: “Two shells and beads”. This is the most valuable period of the master of metaphysical still life. An indisputable masterpiece.

Artist Oscar Rabin. Recommendations, prices, investment aspect

Any conversation about the significance of Oskar Rabin's work gets bogged down with politics after a while. Of course it does. After all, his fate is the brightest argument in the eternal dispute about the role of personality in history. There is a hypothesis that in the logic of historical development, a specific figure, a specific person is not so important. They say that predefined historical scenarios are implemented under any circumstances. And if there are objective contradictions, the leaders will inevitably appear. But judge for yourself...

Announcement of the auction No. 51. Shulzhenko, Purygin, Slepyshev, Rabin, Burliuk, Voligamsi and others. December 9–15, 2020

Vasily Shulzhenko. A terrible picture. A mixture of itinerant movement with undiluted existential horror of the level of Edvard Munch and Alfred Kubin. There will certainly be something to think about and something to talk about. The picture is not only with a powerful subtext, but also a virtuoso technical performance. A real old school. Few artists paint like that today.

Ideas for an investment collection. Budget: RUB 500,000. 1960s Nonconformist Art

The tips and list of names in this article are addressed to novice collectors and investors who are at a crossroads. But not to immediately rush to buy on the list — no. This is information for reflection, a set of ideas, a range of possibilities, a private view of the auction specialists. The meaning of the recommendations listed below is to protect novice collectors and investors from completely spontaneous haphazard purchases, and obviously illiquid things. So that later, when you have already decided on your own direction of collecting, the excess could be sold.

Announcement of the auction No. 42. Mikhnov-Voitenko, Voloshin, Rabin, Glazunov, Nemukhin, Sokolov, Udaltsova and others. October 7–13, 2020

Mikhnov-Voitenko is a Leningrad nonconformist artist, an outstanding abstract expressionist. He worked as a turner, studied at the Pedagogical Institute of Foreign Languages, then at the Theater Institute at the staging department. Then he worked at an art plant, made custom decorative panels and signs. He entered the history of art with the works made “for the table”. Art historians believe that in individual creative discoveries Mikhnov-Voitenko was the first in the world, ahead of the Americans and Europeans. It is no coincidence that collectors hunt for his trademark “tubes” and for paintings of the “spontaneous method”. And one of the masterpieces is in front of us.

Announcement of the auction No. 38. Hanzen, Pogédaïeff, Kudryashov, Belenok, Rabin, Yakovlev and others. September 9–15, 2020

Alexey Hanzen is a grandson and to some extent a student of Ivan Aivazovsky. As a child, he visited him in his workshop in Feodosia. But he received a professional art education in France and Germany. Hanzen became a successful artist during his lifetime. His paintings were awarded at European salons.