Art Market 2022. The time of market makers

The past year 2022 should be counted not even in two, but in four. The crisis sharpened and accelerated all the subtle processes on the art market. It became clear who holds the punch, who wins, and who, on the contrary, is the weak link. At the same time the new tendencies manifested themselves in a much harsher way than during a normal crisis.

Russian art market 2020. It could be worse

This time we decided to avoid global generalizations and loud claims to “totals”, “results”, “turnovers”, “volumes”, “statistics”. First of all, we will formulate our own observations made in real trade, “on the ground”, at the forefront of the art market. And here's what we specifically noticed in the dashing 2020:

Russian Art Market 2019. Not the worst year of the stagnation period

According to unofficial statistics, in 2019, sales of paintings, drawings and sculptures at auctions in Russia amounted to $9.9 million, which is 53% less than in the pre-crisis 2013. But 47% more than in 2018. How to interpret this result?