Yes, we are working

You ask — we answer. Yes, we have working “nonworking days”. Yes, everything is as before. We accept paintings, consider, put on online bidding and sell. The courier service will also work (they were given special permission). Therefore, we will do shipments to Russian cities as before. Drop by bidding. And send pictures for consideration to

After the epidemic. How the art industry will change by summer

The once hated symbols of social disconnection — smartphones, the Internet and social networks — in these tragic days turned out to be just saving technologies for many. Including for sellers, buyers and connoisseurs of art in quarantine. Online exhibitions, online lectures, online fairs, online auctions... The virus simply forcibly drove entire countries into the era of remote consumption that was despised until recently. Yes, imperfect. Yes, without “live communication” and “warm human contact”. But safe.

Coronavirus collapses European luxury industry

On Monday, February 24, 2020 (a weekend for Russia), another gloomy news came from Europe. RBC, citing Bloomberg, reported that on this day the European stock market showed the maximum decline since 2016. The companies from the tourism industry and the manufacturers of prestigious consumer goods were especially sagging. In particular, shares of one of the industry leaders — Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy (LVMH) — fell 7.2%.

“Viral” crisis — 2020. Consequences for the national art market

From Moscow to the long-suffering Chinese Wuhan — 6340 km. By early February, neighbors had more than 37,000 sick and more than 800 dead. This is only official. But time goes on, there are no reports about cases of the disease in Moscow. Therefore, the former semi-panicky sentiments began to be rapidly replaced by cap-hatters. “Knowing people” already make it clear that the epidemic is about to be taken under control, everything will end in March-April, and the effect of the virus on the Russian economy will be quite insignificant.