Announcement of the auction No. 94. Kalinin, Kabakov, Mamyshev-Monroe, Orlov, Kazarin, Rabin and others. October 13–19, 2021

Vyacheslav Kalinin is an artist of the legendary “Lianozovo group” — an informal community of like-minded people who gathered in the barracks of Evgeny Kropivnitsky and his son-in-law Oscar Rabin. Kalinin from the student's bench was excommunicated from the official exhibitions. The commission of the Moscow Union of Artists quickly identified “non-Soviet” mood of his work. However, such a life was destined to many original artists — apartment exhibitions, shows at physics institutes and in cafes.

Announcement of the auction No. 55. Kalinin, Yakovlev, Kabakov, Vechtomov, Krasnopevtsev and others. January 20–26, 2021

Vyacheslav Kalinin is an artist of the Lianozovo circle. Since the early 1960s, he visited Kropivnitsky and Rabin, communicated with a circle of like-minded people. The first meeting with official art ended in a scandal. In 1962, after showing Kalinin's paintings on a commission at the Moscow Union of Artists, he was expelled from the Abramtsevo school. His first exhibition at the Kurchatov Institute in 1963 (physicists were allowed a little more) was closed on the second day. In general, the normal path of an independent artist in the USSR. The MOSKh commission, after all, saw through him in time — “a non-Soviet man.”