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Artists born in 1974 become champions in market turnover came to this side conclusion when it put things in order in its method of periodization of art. Researchers from the French analytical agency posed the question: “How to objectively define Contemporary Art in 2020?” And the task is quite difficult. Especially when you need to set clear “mathematical”, and not art criticism criteria for working with large amounts of price information.

Auctions and museums break into street fashion

In January, the Sotheby's auction and our Pushkin Museum announced the launch of a fashion collaboration and their own fashion brand. Coincidence? We don’t think so. Sotheby's, in anticipation of a prestigious auction of works by old masters, together with the fashion brand Highsnobiety announced a collection with images of paintings by Renaissance artists.

Why does the ball on “Salvator Mundi” look strange? American programmers answer

The implausible image of a glass globe in Christ’s left hand is far from the only rebuke from those who do not believe in the authenticity of the most expensive painting sold at auction ever. But it’s very painful. A glass or crystal ball (a metaphor for a saved world) on a walnut board for $450,312,500 almost does not refract light. A real ball of this shape would give the effect of a convex lens. A transparent object on the board looks flat. The folds of clothes behind it are not distort.