Announcement of the auction No. 141. Steinberg, Krasnopevtsev, Nemukhin, Zverev, Neizvestny, Spindler and others. October 12–18, 2022

Geometric Steinberg of the valuable Moscow pre-emigration period. 1970s. And one meter museum size. And the plot is a godsend for collectors. This is not the usual compositional “geometry”, but a suprematic concentrate. In the center — the planetary model, and in the left corner — a picture-in-picture. An experimental piece! Rarity!

Announcement of the auction No. 69. Weisberg, Chemiakine, Grigoriev, Shpindler, Bulatov, Gintovt, Mayorov, Lubennikov and others. April 28 — May 4, 2021

Weisberg formulated his credo simply: “I study the palette”. And when asked about his place in contemporary art, he answered that “all I have in common with my contemporaries is a wall”. The main thing for him was his own world. Color was his religion. And his temple was a room in a communal apartment on the Arbat, painted all white and turned into a studio. Where only the closest associates were admitted.

Announcement of the auction No. 35. Altman, Marevna, Shpindler, Nemukhin, Vorobyov, Pivovarov, Yankilevsky and others. August 19–25, 2020

The village of the Kiev province — Odessa — Vienna — Paris. A normal route for a talented and moderately ambitious provincial artist. Well, where else to go if not to the cultural capital of Europe? There, where Montmartre, the Salons of the Independent, favorite impressionists and progressive audiences who have seen a lot, and therefore are not inclined to obscurantism. Looking ahead, I will say that a miracle will happen. In a few years, yesterday's shoemaker himself will become a prominent participant in these salons. And his personal exhibition in Paris will be paid for by the famous Baron Rothschild himself.